2nd round of intra-Afghan talks officially gets underway


KABUL: The Afghan delegation and the Taliban representatives started the second round of the intra-Afghan talks on Wednesday evening in Qatar, focusing on violence reduction and a ceasefire.

The Taliban spokesman, Dr. Mohammad Naeem, said that the second phase of peace talks began on Wednesday during a preparatory meeting.

“In the meeting, it was decided that the teams appointed by the two sides discuss the agenda topics would begin their work next Saturday to discuss the issues on the agenda,” Naeem said.

Both sides exchanged views and lists of proposals before the break; however, there has been no agreement yet regarding what items will be on the agenda.

Meanwhile, Naeem underlined that “Ceasefire will be discussed but ‘when, how, and where’… this will be decided by both sides.”

The head of the Afghan delegation, Masoom Stanikzai, expressed his satisfaction at the preparation and said, “we are going to the second round of negotiations with full confidence to secure peace. The overwhelming support of the government and the nation is vital for us.” 

While the Afghan government prioritizes a ceasefire, the Taliban says establishing an Islamic system in the country is the superior demand.