Taliban's opposition to Constitution meant to collapse system


KABUL: Second Afghan Vice President Sarwar Danish says the Taliban’s defiance of Afghanistan’s current Constitution aimed to collapse the system. 
At a ceremony marking the 17th anniversary of the Constitution’s ratification on Tuesday, he said the supreme law had been endorsed in full compliance with Islamic teachings and the Afghan people’s values.
He believed the Taliban’s opposition to the mother of all laws was, in fact, meant to ruin the incumbent system. 
Referring to the rumors about the establishment of an interim government as part of the peace process, Danish said that such a move was also intended to cause the collapse of the political system of Afghanistan.
Danish admitted that there could be some shortcomings in the Constitution that can be amended.
“Interim government doesn’t mean a transfer of power from one person to another, but it is something that is meant to collapse the three pillars of government.” 
This comes as the Afghan negotiating sides returned to Doha on Tuesday to resume the intra-Afghan talks’ second round. Rumors say the formation of a new government is going to be agreed upon after this round ends.