Prioritize cessation to violence, PPM urges negotiating sides 


KANDAHAR: People’s Peace Movement (PPM) on Tuesday said that both the Taliban and the Afghan government negotiating teams during the second phase of peace talks should stop violence and chart out a plan to declare a truce at once. 
The government’s negotiating team arrived in Doha today, Tuesday, to resume talks with Taliban representatives after a three-week break.
The team was expected to travel to Qatar on Monday, but their trip was delayed due to technical issues. The government peace-negotiating team departed on Tuesday morning to Qatar following the second round of intra-Afghan talks.
In a statement, PPM said that the second phase of negotiations between the government and Taliban representatives would start today, but both sides should prioritize cessation of violence and reach an agreement over the truce.
Pointing to thousands of families displaced and civilians killed or injured due to the recent spike in violence, the statement said that the two teams should promptly work on a ceasefire and permanent end to the country’s war.
PPM also called on the United Nations to pay care to war-affected Afghans and assist in the second round of talks so they conclude fruitfully.
The movement started its marches from Helmand province in early 2018, and its members have traveled to several provinces so far to raise their voice against the continued violence in the country.