Murals painted to promote peace culture in Badakhshan 


BALKH: A civil society organization working for women’s empowerment has launched a mural campaign to promote the culture of peace in northeastern Badakhshan province. 
The Office for the Empowerment of Women organized the drive in Faizabad city, the capital of Badakhshan province, on Monday.
One of the slogans painted on city walls read, ‘Put down your guns; I’m fed-up of witnessing bloodshed’. 
Asefa Karimi, the program organizer, said the campaign aimed at spreading a culture of peace-building that could prove useful in achieving peace.
Several painters and artists who had put on display their work emphasized that peace-building culture should be promoted among people.
Meanwhile, the visitors and residents of the Badakhshan province believe that people have an influential role in institutionalizing a culture of peace.