Bereaved father Janan willing to pardon his sons' killers


GHAZNI: Janan Mama, who lost two of his sons fighting in the ranks of security forces in the unending Afghan war, dreams of sustainable peace in Afghanistan and is willing to forgive his two sons’ killers. 
The 70-year-old resident of the Qala-e-Naw area of Khwaja Omari district of southern Ghazni told Orband News during an interview that “My home is full of orphans and widows. The sin of my sons was to serve in the ranks of security forces. I want to forgive the killers of my sons just for peace.” 
Shedding tears while playing his flute, Mama said: “My pain is severe, my anxieties wound never go; I will forgive the killers of my sons if this war ends so other parents would not feel the pain we went through. I can take revenge, but I consider the pain of my enemy as the pain of myself,” he said.
In response to a question about what he would do if peace comes, Mama smiled and said that he would travel across the country to offer his empathy to families of war victims and then celebrate peace with Attan – Afghanistan’s national dance.
Besides playing the flute, Janan Mama can also sing Sufi songs and play a drum. He said everyone has tried for peace based on their abilities, but he would work for it with his art.
He also said that bringing peace from Qatari hotels was impossible and that peace talks should continue inside Afghanistan, where people have been fed-up with decades-long conflict. 
Matiullah Kamalpuri, a social activist in Ghazni, said thousands of people like Janan Mama had suffered from the ongoing war. “The requests of Mama should be accepted and the ongoing war should be put to an end.”