Avoid victimizing civilians: Uruzganis to warring sides


URUZGAN: Several residents of central Uruzgan province, particularly people from Dehrawod district, complained they had suffered huge losses in clashes between the Taliban and Afghan forces during which the district had fallen to the insurgent group.
They said the warring sides should not use ordinary people as their shields and be cautious about the public life.
After intense and days of clashes between the Taliban and Afghan forces, the Dehrawod district fell to the rebel group on December 16. However, local officials later said that the district was recaptured from the militants.
Residents of the district say the clashes caused huge human and financial losses to them, asking the warring sides to respect civilian lives in war and do not create problems for the public.
They accused local officials of hiding facts from the central government, an issue they linked with deteriorated security situation in their areas.