End foreign meddling in peace talks: Balkh inhabitants 


BALKH: Several Balkh public representatives and tribal elders at a rally in Mazar-e-Sharif city, the capital of Balkh province, expressed concern over foreign intervention in Afghanistan, stating this phenomenon led to increased war and insecurity in the country.
A public conference entitled ‘Condemnation of the Red Army’s [former Soviet Union] Invasion of Afghanistan & the Start of Miseres and 4-decade War’ was organized on Monday. The participants called for an end to irresponsible foreign interference in Afghanistan.
Most of the attendees believed that the past 40 years of war in the country had resulted in misery, displacement, and civilian casualties; therefore, the Afghan government must develop a systematic plan to address them.
They also referred to the Afghan peace talks, emphasizing that if foreign interference in this national process wasn’t prevented, there would be negative consequences, and “thus, we will not achieve real peace.” 
Balkh residents also called on the people to support the government’s plans to improve the current situation and achieve peace and stability, as well as prevent regional and foreign countries from interfering arbitrarily in Afghanistan’s internal and primary affairs.