'War a significant barrier to film industry's thriving'


NANGARHAR: Filmmakers from the country’s eastern zone in a gathering in Laghman province expressed concern that decades-long conflicts have cramped the cinema in Afghanistan, hoping the return of peace could help revive the industry.
The gathering was hosted by the Information and Culture Department of Laghman province on Sunday.
Filmmakers say that shortage of cinema halls was one of the reasons the films being produced could not reach the public and the production costs for a movie could not be regained.
Amir Shah Talash, a member of the Afghanistan Cinematographers Board and head of the Nangarhar Cinematographers Association, said that despite their efforts, foreign films were still very common in Afghanistan.
He called on the Ministry of Information and Culture to promote Afghan films and ban foreign movies from being broadcasted or shown in cinemas.
He hopes the cinema and theater sector will reconstruct with the arrival of peace as it would pave the way for film producers to continue their normal activities.
Awrang Samim, Director of information and Culture of Laghman province, said that the film industry was an excellent source for promoting Afghanistan’s culture.
“If Afghan cinemas are renovated, promotion of films of foreign cultures and languages will be replaced by domestic production.”