Egypt pledges to train Afghan Ulema on peace


KABUL: Citing Ulema and Islamic leaders’ weak role in the Afghan peace process, a private company has come to the fore to build their capacity in collaboration with Al-Azhar University in Egypt. 
The Alkozai Company, the Afghan Ministry of Hajj and Religious Affairs, Mashal University Kabul, and Al-Azhar University in Egypt have agreed to provide online training to Afghan Ulema. 
Around 7,000 Afghan prayer leaders and scholars are expected to attend the training program. 
During this program, the Afghan Ulema would be taught the principles of Dawat, the art of delivering the sermon, children’s rights, women’s rights, hazards of drugs, and daily issues.
Abdul Badai Sayyad, who represented the Alkozai Company, called the role of Ulema in the peace process weak, acknowledging Ulema had a strong influence in the resolution of social issues.
Meanwhile, Alsaeed Mohammad Baig, a diplomat at the Egypt Embassy in Kabul, said: “Afghanistan is our brother and friendly country. We should share our experiences with religious figures in this country.”
This is while many Islamic scholars in the country have organized gatherings, calling on the government that Afghan Ulema has a curial role in strengthening the peace process and that they must be actively involved in the process.