Nangarhar painter spreading messages of peace via art expo


NANGARHAR: Nasihullah Parwaz, a talented panel painter from Jalalabad city, the capital of Nangarhar province, called on the Taliban to embrace peace during an exhibition of arts with peace messages. 
He said that no one had provided him financial support for his exhibition but his work aimed to inform the public about the importance of peace.
Parwaz has opened this expo with 45 painting panels, most of them peace artistic work, in Amir Shahid Garden in Jalalabad city.
He called on the Taliban to stop fighting and embrace peace and ceasefire.
Sangershah Popal, who visited the expo, said that such exhibitions could promote awareness about peace and harmony in society.
Afghans traumatized by decades of conflicts have asked the Taliban and the Afghan government to put an end to bloodshed and bring peace to their country through recently-organized various art programs, gatherings and demonstrations,