Indonesia expresses readiness to advise Afghanistan on peace


KABUL: Promising Indonesia’s continuous contribution to the Afghan peace process, a delegation of Indonesian Mohammadiyah Scholars Council during a visit to Kabul have called on the Taliban to shun violence. 
A statement from the Presidential Palace said that the delegation headed by Dr. Yousuf Kala, director of the council, shared Indonesian president greetings to President Ashraf Ghani and the Afghan people during their meeting on Friday.
Kala said that they also met with officials of the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Ministry of Industry and Commerce, National Security Advisor, members of the Afghan negotiating team, and many members of Afghanistan Ulema Council.
“Our trip to Kabul aims to ask how Indonesia, as one of the major Islamic countries, can help the Afghan peace process,” he said.
He added that his country had great experiences on the ground of peace and was ready to advise Afghanistan in this regard.
President Ghani welcomed advice of the delegation and said the experiences of Indonesia regarding peace were helpful for both the government and the Taliban.
He said that the whole Islamic world denounced the Afghan conflict as illegitimate, and the Afghan people were also tired of losing their beloved ones to decades-long war on a daily basis.