Don’t victimize civilians: IDPs urge warring sides


BALKH: Many internally displaced people in northeastern Kunduz province in a gathering expressed concern regarding civilians being the primary victims of ongoing violence in the country.
Displaced by conflicts between Afghan forces and the Taliban, these families belong to Imam Sahib, Dash-e-Archi, and other districts. They currently live in a miserable situation in the provincial capital while urging the warring parties to end their hostilities. 
During a gathering on Wednesday, the families said they lost all their belongings in war, which drove them out of their homes and mired them in unfortunate circumstances of displacement and poverty. 
They stressed that ongoing violence in Afghanistan had no meaning and the Taliban and Afghan forces should let them return to their normal life.
It’s pertinent to mention that Kunduz people are not alone; thousands of families in southern Kandahar province have also been forced by recent conflicts to leave their homes and take refuge in the provincial capital.