Kandahar cyclists partake in race to advocate for peace


KANDAHAR: A group of cyclists has embarked on a  40-kilometer contest in southern Kandahar province to show solidarity and work for ensuring peace in the country.
Hekmat Sulhi, head of Paiwand Civil society and organizer of the competition, addressing the opening of the race, said: “Peace in the country is a dream of our nation. We have not suffered from hunger and thirst; we are just looking forward to peaceful life.” 
We have started a cycling competition titled ‘Peace Journey’ to achieve peace, facilitating a calm and harmonious life.
The competition, with participation from 12 racers, started from the Kandahar Sports Department stretched all over to Takht-i-Pul district, covering a distance of 40 kilometers.
Faizi, a young advisor to the governor of Kandahar, on the occasion, said: “Sport is the best way to advocate for human rights and a better way of life. Today, we Afghans need prosperity, which is wrapped up in peace.”
Faiz Mohammad Faizi, director of sports and physical training, also described peace as one of the most essential and crucial parts of life, particularly to Afghans. 
Throughout the Peace Journey cycling competition, all the athletes unanimously changed slogans, reading “human beings demand peace from the beginning to the end.” The contest came to an end after winners were awarded prizes.