Next round necessitates govt. 's clear stance on agenda: Koofi


KABUL: A member of the republic’s negotiating team for intra-Afghan peace talks, Fawzia Koofi, says the government needs a clear explanation for the agenda of future phases of peace talks with the Taliban.
Koofi, who has returned to Kabul along with other members of the team, said, “We continue our consultations, but we need to return to the talks with a clear explanation.” 
She noted that the start of talks wouldn’t be beneficial unless there was a clear explanation about the stance of the republican side and all other agenda items. 
This comes as negotiators are on a break to consult leaders at home to reach a unanimous conclusion for the agenda of future talks with the Taliban.
Assadullah Saadati, deputy head of High Council of National Reconciliation (HCNR), said that there should be no further delays and excuses for starting the second round of negotiations with the Taliban.
“The talks should not be delayed under any circumstances and excuses; we should not disrupt this process,” he said.
On December 12, Taliban and government negotiating teams went on a three-week recess and said talks would resume on January 5.