Iran dubs US-Taliban deal 'a dangerous act'


KABUL: Iranian Foreign Minister Javed Zarif has said the US-Taliban agreement was not in the interest of Afghanistan and Iran opposed the accord as a dangerous act. 
Zarif, talking during an interview with Tolo News on Sunday, said “We do not precisely know what the US position about Afghanistan is. If it is what is reflected in their talks with the Taliban and in their agreement with the Taliban, we certainly oppose it.”
Zarif said Iran saw the deal as a dangerous act, saying it wasn’t in the interest of the Afghan people. “It is just an internal decision [of internal value] to justify the US withdrawal.”
Referring to the Afghan peace process, he said that Iran supported it but opposed US policy in this regard. He, however, didn’t go into details. 
About the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan, he said, “We want a lawful and calculated withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan that should be based on the Afghan people’s demands and it should be a responsible security transition to the Afghan forces. We do not want it in the current form, where the Americans go and negotiate with the Taliban.”
He said that Iran saw US presence in the region as a disrupter of peace and stability, but Iran was not making decisions on behalf of other countries.