Pres. Ghani, Gen. McKenzie discuss Afghan peace process


KABUL: General Kenneth McKenzie, commander of the US Central Command (CENTCOM), has held a meeting with the Afghan President Ashraf Ghani to confer on the peace talks’ developments. 
A statement released by the Presidential Palace on Monday night said the meeting took place at the Presidential Palace in the presence of the First Vice President Amrullah Saleh, the Chief of Staff of the Ministry of Defense, the Director-General of the Office of Administrative Affairs, the Commander-in-Chief of the Joint Support Mission and the US Embassy in Charge d’Affaires. 
According to the statement, McKinsey reiterated that the United States would continue its commitment to support the Afghan security and defense forces.
This is while General Mark Millie, the chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, had recently visited Afghanistan to discuss the peace process and express support to Afghan forces. 
Meanwhile, he had also met with the Taliban delegation in Qatar and called for a reduction in violence.