Pakistan still supports Taliban, Al-Qaeda: Khattak


KABUL: Prominent Khyber Pakhtunkhwa-based politician says the Taliban and Al-Qaeda groups are still being funded and supported by Pakistan. 
Pakistan backed not only the Taliban but also Al-Qaeda in order to secure its goals, said Afrasiab Khattak, a veteran rights activist, who is on a trip to Kabul. 
“The Afghan conflict is rooted outside Afghanistan,” he said in an interview with 1TV, a local television channel. 
The US- Taliban deal was against the international rules, Khattak stated, because the agreement was signed with a non-state negotiating group that promised to renounce violence. 
Khattak said the US gave concessions to the Taliban to remain in Afghanistan and use the region in case of a new cold war breakout.
Earlier, the Afghan government had claimed that the Taliban were still carrying coordinated operations with Al-Qaeda while the United Nations confirmed the insurgent group and Al-Qaeda ties remained intact – something that goes against the US-Taliban Doha deal. 
On February 2020, in a speech, Mike Pompeo also urged the militant group to “keep your promises to cut ties with al-Qaeda.”
The Doha negotiators are on a break until Jan 5 while violence is raging across the country. 
The remarks come as Khattak also called on Afghan Foreign Minister Haneef Atmar on Monday to discuss regional peace and the current political scenarios.