UNSC extends Taliban sanctions-monitoring team's mandate


KABUL: The United Nations Security Council has prolonged the Team’s mandate that’s assigned to monitor sanctions against individuals and entities associated with the Taliban for 12 more months. 
According to a statement released by the UNSC, the 15-member Council set out the resolution 2557 (2020) while voicing grave apprehensions regarding the ongoing violence in Afghanistan. 
The resolution directs the monitoring team to gather information on instances of non-compliance with the measures and facilitate, upon request by Member States, capacity-building assistance. 
Meanwhile, the UNSC welcomed the recent developments in the Afghan peace talks; however, the council highlighted the necessity of the administrative and substantive support for the team to fulfill its mandate in a safe and timely manner.
This comes in the wake of intensified violence in the country that’s unnerved many authorities and some regional countries, including Iran and Pakistan.