Respect public demands for peace, Khalilzad asks negotiating sides


KABUL: The US Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad has reemphasized his call on the warring parties to swiftly agree on a political settlement and end Afghanistan’s violence. 

In a series of tweets on Sunday, Khalilzad stressed, “We condemn the ongoing high level of violence, and we condemn all those who authorize and carry out such attacks across Afghanistan, creating terror and bloodshed.”

Referring to the recent explosion in a religious gathering in Ghazni province, he underlined that both sides, the government and Taliban, must respect the Afghan people’s demands.

“The Islamic Republic and the Taliban must respect the demands of their people and reach a political agreement as soon as possible. The United States stands with the people of Afghanistan.”

“We call for all sides to reduce violence and move quickly to a ceasefire. Together and with international support, they must also deal with the menace of unexploded ordnance and mines across the country to save precious lives, children and adults,” Khalilzad said.