Republican negotiators brief Ghani on 1st round of talks


KABUL: Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, on Saturday, met with the Republican negotiating team on its return to Kabul this week following an agreement on procedural rules and three months of talks with the Taliban. 
The meeting held at the Presidential Palace briefed the president regarding the first round of negotiations in Doha. Ghani emphasized further consultations with various layers of society to initiate the second round of the talks. 
The delegation discussed different expectations from the talks, with the women’s rights, freedom of expression, and ceasefire being the main focus.
Meanwhile, Ghani asked the negotiators to share their first round’s findings and perceptions with the public.  
The Afghan president again called on the Taliban to hold the second round of intra-Afghan talks in Kandahar province.  
This is while the Taliban spokesman Mohammad Naeem had earlier rejected shifting the talks to Kabul, saying they would resume Doha on January 5.