Prioritize truce during talks: Kunduz women ask negotiating sides


BALKH: Women’s rights activists gathered in a meeting on Saturday in northern Kunduz province, stressing one of the peace talks’ priorities should be declaring a permanent ceasefire in the country.

The meeting entitled “Peace Consultative Meeting” was launched and sponsored by the Afghan Women’s Network, connecting women from Kunduz, Takhar, Badakhshan, and Baghlan province.

At the assembly, advocates conveyed their support to the peace talks, emphasizing lasting peace that preserved Afghan women’s achievements.

According to them, realizing peace was one of the Afghan people’s aspirations, and thus, a truce should be considered the topmost priority by the peace negotiating teams.

Meanwhile, the participants further emphasized women’s active participation in the peace process, calling on the negotiating parties to provide an opportunity for women to partake in the process.