Taliban accuse US troops of violating Doha pact yet again


KABUL: Taliban have once again claimed the U.S. violated the Doha Peace Agreement by conducting raids against civilians and non-combat zones in southern Kandahar province.

In a statement released by the insurgent group on Thursday, it condemned, what they called, the recent violations and raids against the civilians. “American forces have been carrying out bombardments on non-combat zones in Arghandab and Arghistan districts of Kandahar province since yesterday [Wednesday].”

According to the statement, American aircraft have carried out 14 airstrikes in less than 24 hours in Sadozo village of Arghistan district and Hotak and Tabeen Pul areas of Arghandab district, killing 12 people and wounding three others.

Based on the US-Taliban agreement, U.S. forces shouldn’t carry out airstrikes or attack non-combat zones, except in the immediate vicinity of fighting.

The group warned that such violations would provoke the rebels to stage a response against the troops, in which case “all responsibility of consequences shall fall on American shoulders.”

U.S. forces in Afghanistan have in the past ctategorically rejected similar Taliban claims, justifying their airstrikes to be solely in defense of the Afghan security forces when they come under militants’ attacks – something the U.S. deems in accordance with the peace pact.

Meanwhile, the Taliban statement comes in the wake of the Chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley’s unannounced talks with the insurgent group’s peace negotiating team in Doha. The talks aimed at discussing violence reduction in Afghanistan.