Peace to bring significant economic opportunities to Afghanistan


KABUL: Acting U.S. Ambassador to Kabul, Ross Wilson, has said that establishing lasting peace and stability in Afghanistan would create significant economic opportunities.

Addressing the International Migrants Day on Thursday, Wilson, on his Twitter account, said, “#PeaceforAfghanistan will bring economic opportunities for displaced people and all Afghan citizens. Peace will increase trade, improving employment prospects, economic outcomes, and futures of generations to come.”

He also underlined that the U.S. had provided about $ 277 million to protect and assist vulnerable Afghans in the country.

“In the past year, the U.S. has provided nearly $277 million in humanitarian assistance to protect and assist Afghan refugee returnees, IDPs, migrants, and other vulnerable Afghans in Afghanistan & the region as part of our #EnduringPartnership.”

This is while the U.N. Refugee Agency ranks Afghanistan third in the world after Syria and Venezuela with 2.7 million refugees.

Meanwhile, the U.N. Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Afghanistan, Deborah Lyons, had earlier stated that reducing the violence should be a top priority when the peace talks resume.

“I ask all countries to continue to pressure the parties to the conflict to bring about a sustained reduction in violence and expect that this will be a top priority in the negotiations,” she told the Security Council on Thursday.

Achieving sustainable peace in Afghanistan would only be possible “if security anxieties are addressed, and the process is inclusive from the outset, with meaningful participation by women, youth, minorities, victims of conflict and religious leaders,” Lyons had added.