Want to work for peace, says orphaned boy


NANGARHAR: Governor of eastern Nangarhar province, during a meeting with a number of orphans, admits the ongoing war in the country has left many children parentless, women widowed and many other people disabled.
Governor Zia-ul-Haq Amarkhel, who met orphans and officials of a care center for the children in his office, said that only peace was the solution to the ongoing miseries in Afghanistan.
A statement from Nangarhar governor’s house said that Abdul Hakim Sherzad, provincial director of labor and social affair, and head of Shams Orphanage were also present in the meeting.
Amarkhel thanked Maryam Gilani, a supporter of the orphanage, the center’s other officials who provide care to the parentless children. 
He also conferred cash and other gifts on the children and their trainers, honoring them with joint visits to different sites in Jalalabad city, the provincial capital.
Mohammad Anwar, one of the orphans, said peace was important to him than anything else and he would get an education to work for peace so other children would not lose their parents.