Support for bringing peace talks to Afghanistan on the rise

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KABUL: As the floating proposal for bringing the peace talks home has become a hot topic for discussion, various authorities lend weight to it, calling on the Taliban to come to the fore and accept the suggestion to continue the next stages within Afghanistan.

On Wednesday, Abdullah Abdullah, Chairman of the High Council for National Reconciliation, stated the Afghan government favored the next round of peace talks in Afghanistan. “But it is up to the negotiators who should decide regarding the venue. The venue of the negotiations should not become a hurdle for proceeding with the process.”

Meanwhile, the General Director of Public and Strategic Affairs at the Administrative Office of the President, Wahid Omar, wrote on his Twitter handle that Kandahar province should be chosen as the talks’ venue. 

“Now that both teams have returned home, it would be better if the next round of negotiations take place in Kandahar province.”’

Addressing the Taliban, he said, “We [republican team] will arrive from Kabul and you [Taliban] bother coming from Islamabad to Kandahar.”

Omar proposed the Kherqa-ye Mubarak Mosque in Kandahar as a suitable place, adding “it is not a five-star hotel; however, in terms of its history and sanctity, it’s is apt for achieving a durable, Afghan and Islamic peace.”

However, the Taliban have declined the Afghan government’s calls for holding the next round of the talks within Afghanistan, stating the peace process spoilers made such demands for preserving their personal power and interests.