Senate endorses intra-Afghan talks’ shifting to Afghanistan


KABUL: The upper house of the parliament or Meshrano Jirga on Tuesday approved the Afghan government’s proposal regarding moving the next round of the intra-Afghan peace talks from Qatar to Afghanistan.

Discussing the peace process and its recent developments, the upper house of parliament agreed that remaining talks should be held within Afghanistan, hoping it would reduce foreigners’ influence on the process.

“We hope the next stages of talks would be shifted to the country; we want the international community to press the Taliban to agree on a ceasefire,” said Anarkali Hunaryar, a Meshrano Jirga member.

Meanwhile, many senators in the house pointed out that it was essential to reconsider the Republican negotiating team’s composition.

Zalmai Zabulai, a senator from Zabul province, stated, “This team needs to be changed because it has failed to convince the Taliban that their opposite party is the Afghan government; the Taliban still call the government as Kabul Administration.”

Earlier, the National Security Advisor Hamdullah Mohib and the Afghan President Ashraf Ghani had proposed the remaining stages of the peace talks should be organized inside, reasoning people had the right to be kept up to date with the peace progress and negotiation topics.