Khalilzad insists on reduction in violence amid Doha talks break


KABUL: The US Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad says the intra-Afghan talks must get going on January 5, as soon as the negotiators return from the end-year break.

On his Twitter handle, the US envoy wrote: “Given how much is at stake, it is imperative that there is no delay in the resumption of talks and they must resume on Jan 5 as agreed.”

 “Tragically, the war continues. The need for a political settlement, reduction in violence, and a ceasefire remain urgent.”

Earlier, the Afghan and Taliban negotiating teams had said that talks on agenda related items would be resumed on January 5 as they rose for a three-week recess from Doha talks following finalization of procedural rules.

Khalilzad added, “The two Afghan negotiating teams announced in Doha they will take 20 days off to “consult on the agenda items.”