Received orders to cut down troops to 2,500 by mid-Jan: Miller


KABUL: The US and NATO forces commander in Afghanistan General Scott Miller said that he received orders to reduce troop presence from the current 4,000 to 2,500 troops by mid-January.

On Sunday in an interview with Ariana News, an Afghan TV channel, Miller said that the troops staying in Afghanistan would support Afghan forces in terms of combat operations and training.

“We still have a force that’s capable of providing the necessary support to the Afghan security forces. In some cases, it’s a direct combat support. We still have our train, advice and assist mission that takes place and we certainly have the ability to protect our force as well as meet our counterterrorism commitments,” he said.

 “I have been ordered to reduce the US military presence to 2,500, a part of this is in line with the US-Taliban agreement; we downsize our troops in accordance with the conditions,” Miller added.

He says that downsizing the US troops has already been discussed with Afghan security forces.

On the other hand, Miller said that he had discussed a high level of violence with the Taliban in Doha and hoped the insurgent group would take some practical steps in this regard.

He also warned that the historic opportunity for peace would be missed if the violence continued.