79pc minorities not represented in peace process, finds a survey

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KABUL: The Moasesae Hoqooq-e-Bashar wa Mahwe Khoshonat (Organization for Human Rights and Elimination of Violence) findings show that about 79 percent of Afghanistan’s minorities don’t see themselves represented in the peace process. 

The organization reported the figures following a survey that involved the random participation of 595 individuals, including 48% women and 52% men, from AImaq, Qezeslbash, Pashaee, Turkmen, Baloch, Barahawi, Arab, Sadat, Nuristani, Wakhi, Kyrgyz, Gujar, Ismaili, Sikhs, and Hindus minority groups. 

The survey entitled “the Vulnerable Minorities and the Peace Process” indicates that 80% of the surveyed individuals necessitate more representations in the peace talks. 

This is while Second VP, Sawar Danish, has recently admitted that Afghanistan faced challenges in ensuring human rights. “Minorities and women are two main issues for the Afghan government regarding peace and are non-negotiable. We don’t want to return to the dark past,” Danesh stated. 

Meanwhile, the European Union and human rights organizations in the country said that guaranteeing durable peace in the country wouldn’t be possible without the participation of monitories and ensuring their rights.