ACLED-APW Report Tracking Disorder During Taliban Rule in Afghanistan

About APW

Afghan Peace Watch (APW) is an independent, apolitical research organization and digital media platform exclusively focusing on understanding the Afghan war in order to effectively promote peace in Afghanistan. This independent peace watchdog has been established by a group of dedicated Afghans with an aim to promulgate the magnitude of consequences stemming from the decades-long conflict and war in Afghanistan.

The organization covers issues pertinent to war and conflicts through data gathered from those who are knowingly or unknowingly suffering from the perilous aftermaths of war and conflict in 34 provinces of the country. The overall objective of the organization is to display the true face of war and highlight its human cost, as well as its byproducts in terms of economic, social, and cultural repercussions. We aim to offer a clear picture of the conflict and monitor peace process developments by researching, reporting and collecting information.