Teleam promises new technology to expedite Afghan peace process


KABUL: A Canadian technology business named Teleam System says that the company is working on new technology to accelerate the Afghan peace process, as well as ensure stability in the country.

“The Afghan people want a real and just peace, no more war after more than four decades of turmoil conflict,” said the CEO of Taleam Systems, Meladul Haq Ahmadzai.

“Our robotic implementation would help save both military workers and the general public from landmines, and it will also pave the way for military withdrawal in the near future.”

The CEO expressed his concerns regarding the ongoing peace talks’ failure, underlining the civil society’s role and business participation in the negotiations. 

Using autonomous robotics, the Teleam System aims to develop a new technology to detect and defuse landmines in war-affected countries such as Afghanistan. 

Taleam Systems is a tech business based in Ottawa-Canada, developing technologies involved in the Afghan peace process for a long time.