Activists call for women’s participation in Afghan peace process


BALKH: A number of civil society activists, religious scholars, and women gathered in a meeting on Monday in Pul-e-Khumri, the capital of Baghlan province, raising their voice for women’s participation and involvement in the peace negotiations.

The meeting was aimed at discussing the 1325th UN Resolution regarding peace and women’s security, as the activists stressed the realization of stability in the country.

The participants stated that Afghan women had made great strides over the past two decades and could assist in the peace process.

Mohammad Rasool Heba, executive director of the Baghlan Civil Society Institutions Network, says women’s participation in national processes such as peace must be facilitated.

Meanwhile, several other civil society and women’s rights advocates believed that the country’s peace would be fruitful and long-lasting if women actively participated in the process.