Qatar to spare no effort in making intra-Afghan talks a success


KABUL: Qatar has reiterated its solidarity with the Afghan people, saying the country would spare no effort to make the ongoing Doha talks a success.

Addressing the 75th session of the UN General Assembly, the Qatari Representative to the United Nations Ambassador Alya Ahmed lauded Qatar’s role in facilitating the Afghan peace negotiations.

“Qatar is proud of its role in the context of international efforts aimed at helping the brothers in Afghanistan to reach the desired peace,” she said.

She indicated that the talks’ significant breakthroughs were based on the United States and the Taliban agreement in Doha on February 29.

However, the representative stressed this process wouldn’t be maintainable unless it is inclusive and based on a broad consensus that guarantees all Afghan people’s rights and full participation of women, girls, youth, and other minorities.

Similarly, she pledged that the State of Qatar would continue its solidarity with the Afghan people and spare no effort to make Doha talks a success and support the triumph of their aspirations to consolidate peace, stability, and prosperity.