Taliban eroded people’s trust in peace talks: Danish


KABUL: Second Vice president Sarwar Danish on Saturday said the Taliban’s unwillingness to observe a truce had eroded people’s trust in the peace talks.

During a gathering in Kabul, Danish stressed that people’s primary demand was peace; however, they were concerned about their rights and the return of the past’s bitter times.

He expressed his regret that the start of peace talks did not result in a truce, and instead, the violence surged in the country.

According to Danish, people would not trust the peace negotiations, and the continuing peace parleys would lead to no significant result until a ceasefire was declared.

This comes subsequent to three-month-long discussions and agreement on procedures between Doha’s negotiating sides which have only recently initiated talks on agenda. The teams have now announced taking a three-week break from the negotiations until January 5 for the sake of consultations on the agenda.