UN Assembly calls for stepped-up efforts against Taliban, IS attacks


KABUL: The UN General Assembly has commended the latest progress in Afghan peace negotiations while urging that efforts need to be stepped up for tackling attacks by the Taliban, Al Qaeda, the militant Islamic State (IS) group, and their associates.

A 15-page resolution titled “The Situation in Afghanistan” was approved by the assembly with 130 member states being in favor. 

The resolution comprises a wide range of issues, including peace and reconciliation, democracy, the rule of law, good governance, human rights, counter-narcotics, social and economic development, and regional cooperation.

Meanwhile, the resolution censures the high rate of violence continuing in the country, stating, “This is contributing to an unacceptable number of casualties.” 

The resolution also calls for an immediate end to violence, encouraging the sides to pursue confidence-building measures and reduce violence.

The UN experts monitoring that sanctions against the Taliban say they are preserving ties with terrorist groups such as Al Qaeda.