Intra-Afghan parleys must continue within Afghanistan, says Mohib


KABUL: Afghan National Security Adviser Hamdullah Mohib on Saturday proposed that all the next stages of the intra-Afghan peace talks should be pursued inside the country.

“The government does not have a specific venue in consideration but is ready to negotiate anywhere within the country that the Taliban offer, as well as establish required facilities and take the negotiations forward,” he wrote on his Twitter handle.

He said the continuation of the talks within the country would build trust in the peace negotiations and enable the Afghan people to own and oversee the peace process. 

The negotiators would be better aware of their countrymen’s plight and demands and would avoid additional costs in the process as well.

“In the Afghan dialogue, it is imperative that the next steps be taken in Afghanistan so that peace is affected by the realities of Afghan society rather than the external conditions.”

“Peace and peacemakers abroad get influenced by external conditions and experience has shown that such peace won’t serve Afghans’ interests,” he concluded.