Growing insecurity irk residents of restive Kandahar


KANDAHAR: Local officials say as many as 107 people have been killed and 390 wounded during conflicts in southern Kandahar province during the last one month alone, signifying the highest number of casualties ever recorded over the past one year.

Conflicts have forced around 10,000 families to leave their homes over the last few months in Zharai, Panjwayee, Arghandab, Maiwand, Arghistan, Daman, Dand and Shah Walikot districts of Kandahar. Most of these war-affected households now live in the open and tents.

Most of these families have left all their belongings and farms and orchards unharvested.

Officials of Mirwais Hospital, a civil hospital in Kandahar city, say that they received 107 dead and 390 wounded people from war scenes and incidents in the province during the last one month.

The officials say that the figures of casualties and people wounded in the war were record high last month compared to other months of the year.

“Dead and the injured were being brought to the hospital on a daily basis while most of the victims included women, children and civilians in general.”

Khaliqdad, a resident of Zhari district of Kandahar, who lost two of his family members in the war and brought three others injured to Mirwais Hospital, said they had a relatively peaceful life in their region, but they hadn’t felt the calm again since the last few months.

“We were at home when the sound of clashes erupted close to our home. The fight continued for about half an hour. We tried to move from the area to a safer place with the help of my son, but we were hit by a roadside bomb which killed a woman and a child of my family and injured a woman and two children, who are now under treatment,” he said.

Most of the patient attendants and those wounded were sharing stories of the war in the hospital. They said that they left all their ripened gardens and houses with belongings and were currently displaced to other areas due to violence.

They asked the warring sides to stop war and bloodshed, thus allowing them to return to their peaceful life.

Mohammad Nabi, who spent three days with his injured son in the hospital, said, “The war has destroyed everything we had. Now, we live in other areas along with our families. For God’s sake, what do Taliban and Afghan soldiers want to do to the public? Please stop the war for the sake of God.”

A large number of families displaced by conflicts have taken refuge in Kandahar city to ensure their safety. Clashes are still ongoing in many districts of the province and families try to leave their homes to find shelter in a safer place.