'Ensuring peace to accelerate anti-corruption efforts'


NANGARHAR: Civil society activists in eastern Nangarhar province at a conference aimed at marking the International Anti-Corruption Day hoped the fight against corruption would strengthen if peace were established in the country.

The conference organized by the Humanitarian Assistance Empowerment Organization (HAEO) and financed by UNDP was held in Jalalabad city, the capital of Nangarhar province, on Friday.

Dr. Asadullah Shaliz, head of HAEO, addressing the conference, said that the aim of the meeting was to provide public awareness to people for standing against corruption and celebrating the International Anti-Corruption Day.

He hoped anti-corruption efforts would accelerate with the establishment of peace in Afghanistan as the government currently had to focus only on security issues.

Ayesha Kakar, one of the participants of the conference, said that fighting against corruption should not remain only as a slogan as there was a need for actual and practical efforts for curbing the menace.

Another speaker of the meeting, Mohammad Amin Stanikzai, said that lack of job security was one of the reasons for high levels of administrative corruption in the country.

December 9 is named International Anti-Corruption Day by the UN. States around the world on this day are asked on this day to fight against graft and bribery.