Peace requires mutual tolerance, acceptance: Badakshan intellectuals


BALKH: Residents and intellectuals in northeastern Badakshan province stress that unless the notion of co-existence and harmonious living are indoctrinated in Afghan society, ensuring peace won’t be possible.

A gathering was organized by the Provincial Peace and Mediation Network under the name of ‘The Role of Academic Institutions in Promoting the Culture of Peace and Reciprocity’ on Thursday.

A number of civil society activists and university professors who participated in the meeting emphasized that peace wouldn’t be achieved until there was mutual acceptance embedded in the country.

They believed that academic and civil institutions had a crucial role in promoting the culture of peace and peace-building.

The meeting participants hailed and supported the peace process, adding that the country’s conflicts must be resolved first.

Realizing lasting peace, declaring a permanent ceasefire, strengthening the spirit of mutual acceptance, and supporting the peace process were the main topics that were discussed at the meeting.