Kandahar people share demands, concerns with Afghan negotiators


KANDAHAR: Residents and representatives of different communities of southern Kandahar province have shared their demands and concerns regarding the ongoing peace negotiations with the government officials, stressing the rights of all the people should be protected in the peace process.

Kandahar people and representatives gathered in a meeting organized by Governor Hayatullah Hayat in Kandahar city on Tuesday.

The meeting was co-hosted by Abdul Khaliq Bala Karzai, tribal affairs deputy in the State Ministry for Peace, and attended by deputy head for High Council for National Reconciliation (HCNR) Mulavi Attaul Rahman Salim, State Minister for Peace Sayed Sadat Mansor Naderi, HCNR member Mulavi Attaullah Lodin and some other relevant officials working in the Afghan peace process.

Abdul Khaliq Bala Karzai, talking to the meeting, said that the gathering aimed to facilitate direct relations between the public and peace negotiators.

Governor Hayatullah Hayat praised recent developments in peace talks and thanked peace negotiators for their strong position, as well as reaching an agreement with the Taliban on procedural rules for negotiations after more than two months of stalemate.

Sayed Sadat Mansoor Naderi said that State Ministry for Peace played the role of a bridge between the negotiating teams and elements working for the peace process.

He said that the Afghan peace negotiating team was honestly representing the Afghan people in talks with the Taliban.

Tribal elders, Islamic scholars, women and human rights activists, university professors, peace activists, families of war victims and representatives of youths also shared their demands and concerns with the peace negotiators.

Eliminating the roots of war, awarding the war-affected people their rights, declaring a ceasefire, listening to the public’s main demands and protecting women’s rights were the main requests of Kandahar people from the Afghan negotiating team.

They also supported and appreciated the activities of the negotiators, stressing the ongoing process should be firmly supported by the public as it would not succeed otherwise.