“Grab peace opportunity, avoid excuses for war’s prolongation”


GHAZNI: Residents of southern Ghazni province have called on the warring parties to stop fighting and instead work for brotherhood and ethnic unity.

Tribal elders, provincial council members, journalists, social activists, and women in a gathering held at the governor’s house dubbed the peace opportunity made available as vital.

Mohammad Amin, deputy Governor of Ghazni, and Provincial Police Chief Gen. Mohammad Usman Janbaz also spoke on occasion, calling peace a priority of the state and the nation.

Barat Khan Halim, Borders and Tribal Affairs in-charge in Ghazni, said, “Our forefathers have solved all the problems through Jirgas and gatherings. There is no excuse to prolong the proxy war. For peace, brothers and tribes must make all-out efforts.”

Speaking on behalf of the women, Director of Women’s Affairs Shukria Wali spoke about the problems faced by women in the war. She called on the Taliban to show mercy to the Afghan people and women. “Grab the opportunity of peace instead of finding excuses for prolonging the war.”

Other participants also emphasized the role of tribes in conflict-resolution through Jirgas, urging the Afghan government and the Taliban to work for peace in the country sincerely.

This is the first time a public gathering has been convened in Ghazni by the tribal affairs department, aimed at raising voice for peace.