Jawzjan people call Afghan war a ‘Muslim genocide’


BALKH: Jawzjan elders on Monday dubbed the ongoing war in Afghanistan an imposed Muslim genocide, urging the conflicting parties to put an end to it.

A conference titled ‘Supporting the Peace Process, Intra-Afghan Talks, Republic System, and Ceasefire’ was organized by the Department of Tribal Elders in Shiberghan city, the capital of northern Jawzjan Province.

The gathering was participated by government officials and various segments of the people.

A number of tribal elders and residents of Jawzjan, while addressing the gathering, stressed that the war in Afghanistan was a war of genocide against Muslims, so the warring parties must end this armed conflict.

Rumi Lotfollah Azizi, the governor of Jawzjan, said that innocent people and civilians were being sacrificed. “Therefore, all religious scholars should raise their voices to stop this war and not allow any more Muslims be killed in the country.”

The governor of Jawzjan called on the warring parties to respect the intra-Afghan peace talks’ values ​​and declare a permanent ceasefire to prevent bloodshed in the country.

Meanwhile, several religious scholars who attended the meeting pointed out that the sacrifice of civilians and innocent people in Islamic religion wasn’t allowed, adding that the parties should pay attention to the people and scholars’ demands.