Taliban expect release of 7,000 inmates by mid-Dec: Wilson


KABUL: The US Chargé d’Affaires Ross Wilson says the Taliban demand the release of around 7,000 of their convicts by mid-December, as part of the US-Taliban agreement signed in February. 

“The specific provision relating to another 7,000 Taliban prisoners is contained in the US-Taliban agreement,” Wilson stated.

“If you do the math, the Taliban expect under the terms of that agreement that there would be progress on releasing those prisoners by roughly mid-December. I have forgotten the exact date. I think it’s our view,” he added.

However, Wilson explained the provisions of the US-Taliban deal are interlinked and if other terms of the pact weren’t adhered to, the prisoner release was also not applicable.

According to Wilson, “all of the various parts of the US-Taliban agreement are interlocked with one another, intersect with one another and that you can’t just take out one and say this one has to be adhered to without other aspects being adhered to.”

This comes as the peace negotiating teams in Doha held their second meeting regarding the agenda’s formation for the talks following their first meeting on Saturday.