“Peace talks futile if war rages on unabated”


NANGARHAR: Dozens of civil society activists and tribal elders on Sunday in the eastern Nangarhar province called on the Afghan government and the Taliban to declare a ceasefire and make peace.

The civil society activists and civilians gathered in the hall of the tribal affairs department of Nangarhar province and demanded peace.

Abdul Latif Wahidi, head of the Civil Society Coordination Council, who convened the meeting, said the aim was to raise voice for making the peace talks a success.

He called on the Taliban and the Afghan government to end the ongoing war on Afghan soil and declare a permanent ceasefire without preconditions.

Wahidi said the war wasn’t a solution and that a ceasefire could lead the intra-Afghan talks to a success.

Another participant, Ghulam Farooq Yousufi, stressed that the two sides should first agree on a ceasefire and then continue the peace talks.

He said peace talks were futile while the war continued unabated and thus peace would elude Afghans for years to come.

The meeting participants also condemned the recent armed attacks on educational institutes and other places, calling it the handiwork of a number of circles within Afghanistan and some foreign countries which do not want peace talks to reach a positive conclusion.

Sana Noori, deputy head of the Women’s Empowerment Network in Nangarhar, said: “The attacks that are taking place are the work of the enemies of the country who do not want peace talks to succeed.”

The gathering supporting peace is being held in Nangarhar at a time when, after nearly three months of discussions, the Afghan government and Taliban representatives in Qatar have recently agreed on procedural rules for substantive talks.