People should be kept in loop about peace talks: Balkh activists


BALKH: Civil society in northern Balkh province on Saturday emphasized that the peace negotiating teams engaged in Doha talks should share the details of the talks with the people.

They told OrbandNews that they would be discouraged and lose trust if the negotiation issues weren’t shared with the people.

As the peace negotiators hardly reveal work and progress, the civil activists and university professors in Balkh want them to keep Afghan citizens up to date on every development being made.

Sayed Abdul Hamid Safwat, head of the Balkh Civil Society Association, said people should be made aware of the peace talks’ details because they determined their fate after all.

Zabihullah Isar, a university professor, held similar views, saying people were the main stakeholders in the country’s war and peace and thus must know what was happening in this regard.