‘Youth play crucial role in Afghan peace process’


BALKH: A workshop in northern Balkh province on Thursday pronounced young people as the architects of prosperity and freedom, dubbing their role in the peace process as vital.

Mediothek Afghanistan organized a workshop that focused on the peace process with the participation of 30 young people in Mazar-e-Sharif city, the provincial capital.

The program praised young people as a constructive and driving force, discussing their role in the peace process, fulfilling their demands, as well as announcing support to the intra-Afghan talks.

Mohammad Saber Naqshbandi, the general coordinator of Mediothek, said that young people were the architects of prosperity and freedom in the country and they play a vital role in the peace process.

“Young people must support the peace process,” he said, noting that young people possess a constructive role in securing peace in Afghanistan.

Several young people who participated in the program also emphasized that the realization of peace and stability in the country will pave the way for young people’s growth and development.