Taliban not honoring Doha agreement: US envoy to NATO


KABUL: The US permanent representative to NATO says the Taliban have failed to honor the peace agreement the group signed with the US in February.

Ambassador Kay Bailey Hutchison, while talking to a news conference in Brussels on Monday, said that the violence level was too high, resulting in scores of Afghan people and soldiers losing their lives.

“Well, first of all, we never thought this peace process would be easy, and clearly it has not been,” Hutchison said.

“So we are really encouraging and asking the Taliban if they are serious about wanting to have a peaceful Afghanistan, that they will keep their word and stop the violence, have a ceasefire; that should be easy enough when they’re at the table talking about peace,” she added.

She said that going away from peace talks was not an alternative and that ongoing peace negotiations were a hope to bring all parties together for the sake of improvements the Afghan people had made.

Hutchison deemed the ongoing peace talks a great chance in the last 20 years, bringing warring factions together and paving the way for peace, education, freedom and business for the Afghan people.