Intense conflicts force Kandahar families to live in the open


KANDAHAR: Following intense conflicts between the Taliban and Afghan forces, more than 7,000 families have been displaced and compelled to live without a shelter in southern Kandahar province.

Most of these families come from Arghandab, Zheri and Maiwand districts. Charity organizations have so far assisted merely 800 of these families.

Afghan forces and the Taliban have been engaged in violent clashes in the mentioned districts for the past one month. The Afghan forces have vacated many areas to the insurgents during the fighting.

Local officials allege the conflicts in the region were raging unabated due to the negligence of provincial security organs.

The war displaced families say they were forced to leave everything in their houses and seek refuge in a safer place due to intense clashes between Taliban and Afghan forces. “Nobody has assisted us so far.”

Malika, who left her house in Zheri district and currently live in Kandahar city, said, “We do not want war, it has destroyed our life. We want peace so that we can return to our houses.”

Kandahar Refugees and Repatriation Department said that more than 7,000 families had been displaced from Maiwnad, Zheri, Arghandab, Shah Walikot and Panjwayee districts due to conflicts but the department was only able to provide aid to 800 of them.

Haji Agha Lalai Dastgeri, deputy Kandahar governor, blamed security officials for their negligence in their responsibilities.

“Security officials are to be blamed who have been reporting stable security situation to the central government, but in fact, it was an organized plan for destabilization…” he claimed.

Security officials claim of making advances during the ongoing operation codenamed Baba Sahib in Maiwand, Zheri and Panjwayee districts, but the Taliban say they control most of these districts and have been inflicting heavy casualties on Afghan forces.