Taliban yet to comply with Doha deal: US diplomat


KABUL: The US Chargé d’Affaires to Kabul says the Taliban have failed to act under the US-Taliban agreement or reduce violence, adding the group was being pressurized to stay committed to pledges it had made in the deal.

Talking to a televised interview with Ariana News, the US Chargé d’Affaires Ross Wilson termed ongoing violence in Afghanistan as unacceptable and blamed the Taliban for ignoring calls of the US and its allies for reduction of conflicts.

“The Taliban are not meeting the commitments they made with us in concluding the US-Taliban agreement in February. We have repeatedly called on the Taliban to reduce the violence… And we are putting pressure on the Taliban. This is important for the success of the peace process and for the success of this country,” he said.

On withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan, he said “US forces and coalition forces remain substantial. We are actively defending the Afghan Defense and Security Forces. The issue of withdrawal, which was previously announced by the United States, will be based on conditions.”

Meanwhile, in a tweet on Monday, he also condemned a car bombing that left over 30 Afghan soldiers dead and scores of others in Ghazni province last Sunday.

He promised to “stand with those Afghans and our allies working to bring an end to this long conflict. These brutal attacks will not stop the cause of peace.”