Balkh activists say spiking bloodshed intolerable


BALKH: Civil society activists in a gathering in the capital of northern Balkh province have expressed concern over intensified conflicts, saying the ongoing situation was no longer acceptable to Afghans.

The activists in a symbolic movement poured red ink onto a flowing stream in their gathering area to portray the high levels of bloodshed throughout the country.

Sayed Ahmad Yazdanparast, one of the participants of the gathering, said the ongoing situation was no longer acceptable for people as the ongoing conflict took the lives of many civilians over the last several years.

Ghulam Rassoul Malakzai, a member of the Civilian Protection Group in Balkh province, also stressed on the reduction of violence and unabated loss of human lives, asking the warring parties to exercise ceasefire.

An immediate ceasefire, end of conflicts, public engagement in peace negotiations and respecting people’s rights during the war were the main demands of the participants of the gathering.

Meetings and gatherings advocating for peace are being held in several provinces and the launch of intra-Afghan talks in Qatar has given rise to pro-peace movements across the country.

However, differences between the Afghan government and the Taliban negotiating teams are yet to be resolved after more than two and a half months since the talks began.